It is vital that we protect our skin from the damage of the sun all year round but in particular as the weather hots up we need to remember the long term impact of burning the skin.
Risk of developing potentially fatal malignant melanoma is directly related to sunburn. It is believed that 5 sunburns in a 10 year period significantly increases the risk of developing cancer.
It is not only children who are at risk of developing melanoma if sunburnt, any repeated burning throughout life contributes to an increased skin cancer risk.
We love heliocare products especially the SPF 50 gel which I personally use daily under my foundation. It’s non-oily formula allows make-up to sit over it without giving excessive sheen to the skin. Knowing that whatever the weather I am protected feels good (not to mention the added benefit of protecting against air pollution when used in combination with vitamin C serum!)
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Looking forward to beautiful and safe skin this summer!